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The Louse Episode

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A head louse
Lee Barber’s study of the Scottish male groin

This week’s episode of Fashion by Dad, includes separate Odes to the Cherry Tomato and the Head Louse, a Scots Blazer of Glory in the form of sporran, lovingly refurred to as “outside pubes”, discussions of the game Rising Dawn, corporal punishment, taking spirituality to the UN Biodiversity Conference and the usual banter, chatter and new tunes.

For copyright reasons the music is not available on the podcast cuts.

The radio cut of Geoff and Guy talking about Vita at the UN COP 15
The podcast cut of Geoff and Guy
Geoff’s ode to the cheery cherry tomato
Geoff and Claire get up close and personal with the Louse.

Don’t forget you can read all about it on the Fashion By Dad blog

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