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Fashion by Dad

The Fashion by Dad radio show ran from July 2021 until December. It started out as an exploration of oxymorons including musical ones and focused on folk metal, Calypso psychedelia and evolved from there.

The initial introduction described it as the land of the surreal, where Castellar meets Curlz (check out the logo to see what I mean), Folk meets Metal and Oxymoron meets juxtaposition.

Check out the posts from the six months of the show

Geoff on his morning walk
Your ancient host takes a stroll by moonlight

I am your ancient host, Geoff Ebbs. The archetype Dad, pater familiaris, the Stale Pale Male, and we are talking very very pale, Patros, Patron, Daggy Dad, Pater, Dear old Dad.

In October, Geoff was joined by Claire Tracey Art and the focus shifted to contemporary culture still looking for the cracks in the zeitgeist and the things that did not make sense.

Claire Tracey with Geoff Ebbs in the 4ZZZ studio
Claire Tracey with Geoff Ebbs in the 4ZZZ studio

Broadcasting to the world from in Brisbane Australia, We go to air here at 2am in Brisbane, that’s 9am in Sacramento, California and 7pm in Riga, Latvia. Thank you for listening wherever you are.

So stay tuned, you’se lot.

Lissen a me. Lissen a me. I’m pale cos’ I am an Ancient. Methusela lived nine hundred years. I’m not that old but I’m getting there one year at a time. I’ve seen things with my own eyes that you’ve never even read about.

Each week a theme. First the elements, Fire and Air, Water, Earth. And then? A slew of regular segments, a weekly cover of Nothing Compares to U, when I was a boy (800 and counting), genre bender  o’ the week, Time for a StoryTime Story, What the Tesla?, a Great Notion, The Blazer of Glory, and much, much more.

The BLAZER OF GLORY? The blazer of glory. A blast from the past. A nod to Fashion on Fashion by Dad.