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Vita Awakening

Vita Awakening - sideways

Vita founder, Guy Lane, and Geoff Ebbs work through some of the issues surrounding spirituality, religious institutions and Science.

They revisit the issues raised by Stephan Harding of the Schumacher College and Ella Noah Bancroft about science and spirituality during the World Localisation Day conference.

While they are at it, Geoff and Guy go through some of the guiding principles of the spiritual philosophy that informs Vita Awakening and give away a copy of the book.

Hear the radio cut (with music) here on Fashion by Dad or get the full Narrative at the podcast version on Fashion by Dad’s soundcloud playlist.

Related episodes include Pegging Abounds in which Claire takes Geoff to task for engaging in a gross example of white male privilege by discussing the foundation of a religion worshipping a female earth goddess without a woman in sight, and Joan of Arc in which a young female is burned alive for expressing an opinion about the affairs of God and Man. “I want that girl, I want that girl … burned.”

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