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Geoff Ebbs is researching urban food networks in South East Queensland.

Great fresh food grown close to you. Good for your life and your planet
Info sheet and consent form

The next step of the project is to find out more about your organisation and your challenges.

You can take the survey online now or, if you prefer pen and paper, download a copy to print and fill out by hand, or you can contact Geoff through the comments below for a face-to-face or telephone interview or to have a paper copy of the survey mailed to you.

Who’s eligible?

I am interested to talk to people producing, processing and distributing food as well as those supporting them. I am interested in grassroots providers, small businesses and corporations. You might be an equipment or service provider working with food producers and processors or grassroots organisations. I am not so interested in retailers or hospitality providers unless you are particularly focused on sustainability.

More information

Background information about the survey is available here.

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