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Rituals and Love Apples

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Dennis Claude Ebbs - self portrait

Fashion by Dad this week pushes one patriarch off the perch, offers reeking love apples as a source of pheronomes and discusses the relationship between ritual and spirituality.

Claire Tracey Art sends a shout out to women on bikes, and introduces the Love Apple as this episode’s Blazer of Glory. In It Ain’t Necessarily So, Geoff Ebbs reflects on the distant demeanour of his paternal grandfather and Guy Lane discusses the role of ritual in establishing a spiritual response to the destructive behaviour of humanity.

As always you can focus on the narrative in the podcast version, or hear the radio cut, which is accompanied by tunes.
The PodCast cut of Claire Tracey Art’s introduction to Love Apples

Here’s the radio cut of Claire and Geoff in this episode.
Vita Awakening leaves the charnel houses of the past behind

You can hear Geoff and Guy with music in the radio cut.

And last but not least, here is Geoff reflecting on the role of his paternal grandfather in creating his own identity as a man in society.
Dennis Claude Ebbs painted in a cravat and gardened in a tie.

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