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Welcome to Fashion by Dad

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The land of the surreal, where Castellar meets Curlz (check out the logo – typographers), Folk meets Metal and Oxymoron meets juxtaposition.

I am your ancient host, Geoff Ebbs. The archetype Dad, pater familiaris, the Stale Pale Male, and we are talking very very pale, Patros, Patron, Daggy Dad, Pater, Dear old Dad.

Geoff on his morning walk
Your ancient host takes a stroll by moonlight

Broadcasting to the world from in Brisbane Australia, We go to air here at 2am in Brisbane, that’s 9am in Sacramento, California and 7pm in Riga, Latvia. Thank you for listening wherever you are.

And stay tuned, you’se lot.

Lissen a me. Lissen a me.

Amongst the fire theme songs this week we encounter a slew of regular segments, a weekly cover of Nothing Compares to U, when I was a boy (Methusela lived nine hundred years), genre bender o’ the week, Time for a StoryTime Story, a Great Notion, The Blazer of Glory, and much, much more.


The blazer of glory. A blast from the past. A nod to Fashion on Fashion by Dad. This episode’s blazer of glory is the cloak of King Henry the VIII (yes, that’s the Harry of the six wives and somewhat tubby build) I was much younger then … But we leap ahead.


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