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Follow the money

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THe Ecoradio Team in The Cage

But don’t follow Elon Musk. The highway to Mars is littered with foolish dreams.

Some times The Cage predicts the news. Four weeks ago we said there was more to be revealed in the story about the Freeport gold mine, Indonesia’s largest source of foreign income, and the genocide in West Papua.

Last week it was revealed that evidence is mounting that the Secretary General of the United Nations in the lead up to the handover of West Papua to Indonesia, Dag Hammarskj√∂ld, was assassinated in the Congo by a South African group funded and directed by the CIA. Hammarskj√∂ld was actively working to support the West Papuan independence movement . Alexander Dulles, the director of the CIA was later a shareholder in the world’s largest gold mine discovered in 1935 and mining commenced within a year of the Indonesian takeover. A report from the United Nations released in August reveals letters from Alexander Dulles calling for the removal of Hammarskjold in a plan known as Operation Celeste.

This week’s Cage recaps that story and then goes on to detail why you should let Musk and Bezoz head to Mars if they want but focus on your own back yard. Literally.

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