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Billionaire Bots Might Save Us

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Geoff in The Cage

This week’s episode of the Cage speculates on the value of Effective Altruism and the role of Artificial Intelligence in saving us from … Artificial Intelligence

We have had a run of billionaires down here. Slumming it as they look for the next big thing. The CEO Sleepout think there’s a photo opportunity and ex politicians think the concrete walls might just scratch the itch of their relevance deficit disorder.

Paul Watson knows the feeling. He quit Sea Shepherd this month saying that it has become Uber for bureaucrats. If you heard him on EcoRadio a couple of weeks ago you know where his heart is.

So, the wealthy and the powerful, insinuate themselves wherever life is interesting, dramatic and exciting. So creativity and activism is a tightrope. We have to be compelling enough to attract the people to our cause but not so compelling that we focus on the compulsion at the cost of the cause.

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