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Your Life Your Planet

Written in 2021 for Australian Geographic, Your Life Your Planet uses every day language to discuss the 101 most common sustainability tips, with an accurate analysis of the impact they have (and don’t have) on the environment./

  • Recent heatwaves have changed the way many of us think about Air Conditioning. It is now mandatory in Queensland Schools, for example. The Personal Story from Story Tree’s Jenni Cargill-Strong, says it all really. Its hot enough for me to put the aircon on finally tonight as it’s not cooling down. In my townhouse, I… Read […]
  • Doomscrolling is depressing but wilful ignorance is dangerous. Individual action seems pointless: so where does a weary climate warrior turn? I regularly sing the praises of my community garden but not all my neighbours are converts. “With gourmet tomatoes at $3.99 a kilo, why would I battle the possums, pests and beating sun to grow… Read […]
  • Sounds like a dream, but no dig gardening is possible without much fuss at all. We call it … Don’t give a fig gardening Tip 86 in Your Life Your Planet, Getting fed without giving a fig, is all about different approaches to getting food without a horticulture degree or a whole lot of digging… Read […]
  • When we wrote about Myawaki forests in Your Life Your Planet, it was primarily to focus on the benefits to humans. If one tree makes you feel good, a little forest may make you fabulous. True, true. But there are benefits to the plants as well. Look at my Logan community garden after we first… Read […]
  • Weeds and pests are the bane of a gardener’s life. It is fun to grow things but the excitement turns to disappointment when some pesky beast gets to your hard earned food before you do. Long time ZedHead and friend of EcoRadio, Beth Incognito recently posted before and after photos of her carefully prepared garden… Read […]
  • This week we are talking about compost. Interesting, because so is everyone else. We chatted here on EcoRadio about the compost exchange on the Gold Coast run by Seed the Ground recently and I know that most of the gardening podcasts are compost crazy right now. That’s because March is the time we get the… Read […]
  • This week we’re going to talk about preservation, and I don’t mean preservation of the natural environment through bushcare. I’m talking about preserving food. You can listen to the Podcast. There is lots of fresh food around right now because the summer harvest is coming in. Whether you are growing food or shopping for it,… Read […]
  • Avoid disappointment – harvest your crop before the pests get it. (Listen to the podcast) Summer is harvest time and lots of gardeners celebrate their harvest on social media. What we don’t see is the failures: the cucumbers eaten by rats, the tomatoes that split in the rain, the pumpkins that rotted where they touched… Read […]
  • Februaries in Brisbane are now so hot that many plants, including sun loving plants like corn, can simply not survive the full sun, especially as seedlings. Other parts of Australia are even hotter. Here are some survival tips. There is nothing more disheartening that digging, manuring, mulching and planting, only to lose a crop of… Read […]
  • The striking amaranth flower has a bag placed over its head to prevent it spilling its seed upon the ground. Mark 4:26 Amaranth is a plant grown for its seeds or for its leaves. The seeds of some varieties can be popped for use as a popcorn like snack, the leaves can be used as… Read […]